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My Scam Story

After 49 years of marriage my wife passed away from

Pancreatic Cancer. When I learned of her disease I retired to 

be with her and aid her in her sickness. My two children and 6 grandchildren had moved to California prior. So Sherry (my wife) 

and I decided to move to California to be with our immediate family while we continued to seek advanced medical treatment.


After selling the house and packing all our personal items into Pods Sherry suddenly and unexpectedly died the night before we were to get on a plane and fly to the west coast. So after this surprise I decided to stay with the plan and move west.


After 70 years living in Indiana I couldn’t afford the prices of a California home so I purchased a boat in San Diego and lived on. After a little over a year on the boat I realized that I may not have enough cash to live out my life. So after looking at several possible investments I decided to invest a considerable percentage of my savings in gold and silver bullion. I seeked out a company online (A large gold and silver company) to purchase gold and silver bullion. I was speculating that a rise in both gold and silver was imminent or at worse case I wouldn’t loose money by owning precious metals. When I contacted the Gold Company I told them that I knew little to nothing about the purchase of gold and silver. I asked them to be fair and not take advantage of me. Not smart. They, of course, said they would work close with me and help me with my decision. The first thing they did was to push me to invest in gold collector coins and they convinced me that that was the best move for me. They convinced me that gold coins would increase faster in value than gold and silver bullion.


Over a few months time I proceeded to invest around $400,000 of my cash in the gold and silver coin market. After my purchase I convinced the company that it would be a good idea for them to set up a webpage for customers to be able to track their investments. They took me up on the idea. After watching my investment (from their online report) supposedly increase in value I was convinced that this investment was a good decision.


After a couple of years of owning the coins I had a gold and silver sales person from another company solicite me to sell me more precious metals. I told him that I already owned a significant amount of gold and silver coins. After telling him where I purchased the coins he offered to take a look at my portfolio and give me his opinion as to the current value of my investment. I thought it couldn’t hurt to have another person eventuate my investment. So I sent him a print out of my holdings. The next day he called me and said that I had been ripped off. He said that I had overpaid for all of my coins but in particular I had been ripped off in a major way on two particular coins sets. He said that this company I purchased all my coins from has a reputation for doing that and it made him sick to see them taking advantage of investors. He said that two sets, in particular, I had been significantly ripped off. I paid roughly $70,000 for two coins and they were actually worth well less than $5000. After feeling my heart sink into my stomach I told him that I would investigate the true value of these coins. He in fact cold called a coin company with me on the line. They verified his quoted price of the two coin sets. After having two other separate companies that I contacted tell me the same thing I now realize that I had a big problem.


Now realizing that my $400,000 gold coin and silver investment may be worth less than half of what I paid for them.  So my retirement plan just went out the window.


I immediately found an attorney who would help me with getting ALL my money back. My attorney was so fabulous and was able to get all my money back.


I have been watching the gold and silver market running stable. Not much change but a little uptick in value. My coins were going down. Nothing like I was told. The attorney got all my money back.


Ed Mugg P.S. Take a look at the legal section on this site which shows you my attorney in action. He is a winner. 

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