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Join Us In The Effort To Get Justice

This site was created to help inform others who are thinking of purchasing Gold and Silver Coins.  Or maybe you have purchased gold coins earlier and you need help because your coins are not worth anything close to what you paid for them.  There are many scams that you need to be aware of. 


I was scammed out of over $200,000 and I recently won a legal battle in a lawsuit with a major gold and silver marketing and sales company.  Please READ MY STORY link above. 


If you believe you have been scammed on your purchase of gold and silver coins please tell your story below so that others can be warned of what is happening in this market.  All the ads you see on TV make it sound like the purchase of gold and/or silver coins is a way to protect your money against inflation and other losses. 


One company advertises that silver is skyrocketing now so you need to act soon.  That is a lie.  Gold and silver values have been steady and haven't moved much for a few years now. THEY ARE NOT SKYROCKETING. Please join us in the fight to get this stopped.  Post your story below and stay with us. 


We plan to change things.  We may be able to help you get some, if not all, of your money back.  If you leave your contact information we will keep you informed as to the progress we are making.  Leave your information here:  (or to keep your information more private then go to"Contact Us" and send your info.  (See Right)

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