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Concerned Angels is a nationwide, non-political organization of concerned citizens dedicated to ridding our roads and highways of DUI drivers. Much has been done in recent years to educate the public at large, stiffen laws and penalties but still, many thousands are dying on our roadways every year because of this unlawful act of driving while impaired. It is time to step up the war against DUI and put an end to its destruction.


Our goal is to effectively address the problems of drunk driving, underage drinking, and alcohol abuse. The only measurement of our success will be a substantial reduction of the numbers of people of all ages who are injured, harm their heath, suffer premature death, or are killed as a result of alcohol abuse.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to eliminate drunk driving as a leading cause of death and crippling injuries to children and adults and address all aspects of impaired driving.



Concerned Angels, Inc. is a non-profit advocacy organization formed in 1997 to educate and galvanize the public and mobilize a grass roots movement to address the national crisis of underage drinking, drunk driving and alcohol abuse that is devastating American families. Correcting the problems associated with child passenger safety is also an objective. The organization grew out of the highly acclaimed crusade that became known as the Campaign Against Drunk Driving (CADD) that was successful in leading and sparking the interest and enthusiasm that resulted in major mass lifesaving advances being made in the drunk driving issue starting in 1980 that continue to this day. CADD is now a project of Concerned Angels. Concerned Angels was formerly known as Alcohol Free Kids (AFK) and Safety Angels. The leader of Concerned Angels was one of the original three organizers of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and its first executive director and an award winning strategist.


The goals of Concerned Angels are to obtain a Presidential Commission on underage drinking that will be designed to bring the problem under "iron fist" control in every state and community in the country, write and implement the strategies necessary to teach the American public exactly how to address the tragic consequences of the abuse of alcohol in their communities, shut down drunk driving as best as is humanly possible, trigger emergency action teams to combat underage drinking and drunk driving in every community, and obtain a World Conference within five years designed to trigger effective alcohol reform efforts around the globe. Child Passenger Safety is a sub goal to be achieved as fast as possible. We will organize an army of "Angels" to accomplish our goals.


To achieve out goals we launch a new project called “MISSION FOR AMERICAN” and will hire and train an estimated 5,000 vets to work at the community level to first investigate the anti-drunk driving control system identify flaws and deficiencies in the system, and then work to have adopted and implemented a comprehensive code of standards, best management practices and using common sense to serve as a road map to best control all aspects of drunk driving. Our Angel Team  will organize victims and motivated concerned citizens to follow their lead to bring drunk driving under firm and lasting control.


Our only standards of decision making are "What is best for the children and families of the world," and the rule of absolute right. We will not play politics with people's lives.

  • We are a faith based non-denominational organization.

  • We will fight to get Drunk Drivers off the roads.

  • We will fight to protect all our children.

  • We are not opposed to responsible, legal drinking.

  • We are against Underage Drinking.

  • We are bold and fearless.

  • We are creative.

  • We are flexible unless safety is compromised.

  • We do not play politics with people’s lives.

  • We will freely share our knowledge, wisdom and strategies to save lives and prevent injuries.

  • We cultivate strong relationships with partners and colleagues.

  • We are open, passionate and honest.

  • We learn and grow while helping others do the same.

  • We ensure every action meets our highest standard which is to help create a safer America for everyone.

  • We are determined. We absolutely will achieve our goals.

Core Values

Our Mission

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