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Welcome Letter

Hello, welcome to the new Concerned Angels easy to use Website. It is a state of the art “battleship”  we designed to teach and help motivated victims, concerned citizens and their supporters exactly how to win the war against drunk driving. And to do so starting immediately. 


No fundraising is involved! You will not be asked for a donation, nor do we accept them.  This website is still being improved daily so bear with us.


To understand why it is now possible to effectively bring drunk driving under firm and lasting control, let me introduce our leader Sandy Golden. He knows what to do and has a verifiable track record of lifesaving success.


Sandy Golden is the CEO and President of Concerned Angels and leads a motivated highly experienced team to bring true drunk driving reform to every community in our nation.  Sandy and his team are all volunteers. No one is paid and Concerned Angels does not solicit or accept donations or seek grants. Thus the organization has no conflicts of interest and is free to tell the truth, expose corruption and work for reform no matter whose toes get stepped on.


Sandy is an acclaimed award winning investigative reporter and author. His journey fighting drunk driving  started in 1980 when he did a TV news series for CBS Eyewitness News in Washington D.C. about a five-month-old baby girl named Laura Lamb who was claimed to be the youngest quadriplegic in the world because of a repeat offender drunk driver and the misuse of a child restraint. 


Golden is a polio survivor and the murder and crippling of innocent chidren resonated with him.


He left Television news because his work conflicted with the beer advertising that was a significant part of the paid advertising revenue for his TV  station at the time. He was ordered to stop doing drunk driving stories about the baby so he quit and left  to devote full time to the drunk driving issue.  He later became the first executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, MADD. He was one of its three original co-organizers, and its master strategist who started the  historic drunk driving movement in the United States and the MADD organization from scratch. He left before MADD got corrupted by the beer industry.


He thought up and developed the out of the box strategies that led to mass lifesaving and injury prevention that swept the United States in the early 80s and continue to this day.  He received unsolicited awards for his work at the national, state and local level and acclaim for his books. 

The other two “co-organizers” had no experience what-so-ever and he taught them the ropes,”on how to fight “city hall,” something any good journalist would know how to do. Putting two victims out front for the public to see  had to be done as the public was not ready to listen to a male investigative reporter screaming that drunk driving had become a neglected national emergency. The way he did it got the public’s attention and reform got underway.  Both of the other organizers, one a mother of a child killed by a repeat offender drunk driver and the other a mother whose baby was paralyzed by a repeat offender drunk driver and the misuse of a child restraint, later took advantage of the issue for power and money, Candy Lightner and Cindi Lamb even went to work for the alcohol industry as industry lobbyists, Sandy did not. 


Many others took credit for his ideas and work and many, especially the professional fundraisers who took advantage of the organization, became very wealthy millionaires as a result.  Sandy did not sell out and most of his work was done for little or no compensation. He put the issue first and still does.


But the crusade he started is not done and MADD, he says, is no longer effective or to be trusted. Its leaders sold out to the alcohol industry a long time ago, its current leaders don’t have a clue on what to do to stop drunk driving, and today their work is doing much harm to the issue with false and misleading statements being made to the public, politicians and the media especially about the use of interlock devices. Its massive fundraising tactics are  fleecing the public and has done so for decades now. One only need to look at the most current statistics on drunk driving released in October 2017 to ask what are they doing with all the money they constantly try and collect from a caring public and why the false claims about success? Drunk driving is getting worse, not better.


But and it must be said “God Bless” the many victim activists and their supporters who gave of their time, money, heart and souls to fight drunk driving as MADD members at the local level.  The national office holders over the years and staff took advantage and now must be exposed.  Many who are paid huge salaries, have some explaining to do. And perhaps it is time for the lot of them to resign and let the MADD organization return to its grass roots heritage fighting for reform at the community level with volunteers, mostly victims, who learn what to do, and are not paid workers. It does not take money to fight for drunk driving reform, it takes knowledge and strategy and we will give you that on this website for free. So welcome. And God Bless.



Ed Mugg,


Chief Operations Officer (COO)/VP

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