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Angel Eyes App

Welcome!  We are so happy you decided to help.  Follow the instructions below and let's get you setup.

1) First thing you will need is a code that is assigned by Concerned Angels.  Each incident is given a unique number for reference and management there of.  You will be assigned a code number after filling out the following form:  (watch your email for the number)







































2) Once you have received your Pledge Number if you choose you can have cards printed that look something like this:

















3) When you have the cards with the proper code then you are ready to pass these cards out to all your friends and family.  You can also email a link to contacts and the following link will take them to an online Angel Eyes Sheet.  Be sure to include the code in the email. Anyone can pledge support on the APP or the website. Here is the link to the web address:



Right click on this link and select "copy" then go to your email and "paste" the link in the body of your email. Tell your contacts what the link is for and give them an overview of the purpose.


3) Now connect it to your social media sites:

4) Refresh this page to see your entry at the top of the sheet below.  There you will see a list of all signers.  

Here is How You Can Help

Another Drunk Driving Victim

Download this APP on your Smart Phone and follow the instructions:

APP Name:


Use Code:

________________ .


Go to this web link and follow the instructions:

Thank you so much for your help here.  May God Bless You

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