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Zero Tolerance is the new norm when it comes to drinking and driving.  You are forbidden to do it and if you do you risk going to hell on earth. 


Be wise, if you are going to drink beer, wine or alcohol in any form then always have a designated driver to get you home safely and not risk killing or injuring yourself or innocent others — especially children. A designated driver is someone who agrees in advance that he or she will not drink any alcohol ( stress, “any alcohol) and be responsible for driving the drinkers in your group home.


But understand that if you go out drinking by yourself, then you are the “designated driver”  and must not consume any alcohol.  None!  Our nation is going to move to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving.


So if you plan to drink and you are by yourself, plan ahead on how you will get to your home.  You can call an Uber, Lyft or Taxi. Far better to pay a small and reasonable fee to be safely driven home after drinking, than risk getting caught and facing a judge and getting hit with usually between $5,000 and $15,000 in costs. Not worth it.  If you do drive impaired and kill an innocent person or child, you typically will face a charge of murder and the prison sentence that goes with a finding of guilt.


We know that many people who drink think they can handle it, but ask most convicted drunk drivers who killed and are rotting in a prison cell if they thought that way too.  They did and they were wrong.  So don’t be in denial, if you must drink than make plans to get home safely and if you are having a problem with alcohol addiction or binge drinking do everything in your power to get help.  Don’t be in denial. There is no shame in reaching out for help. If you have a toothache, you go to a dentist, if you have a drinking problem and can’t stop, go to a specialist for help. It is the same thing, No shame involved.


This is your final warning however!  Drunk and impaired driving will no longer be tolerated in your community. The public will be on the look out for drunk drivers with our Angel Eyes program.  Every effort will be made to identify you, and then catch and arrest you if you dare to drive after drinking. And if found guilty you can expect the public to demand harsh, often life changing punishment for you..  If you kill or injure innocent children or anyone of any age, you can kiss your future goodbye and be prepared to go to prison. 


We are serious.  


There is simply no acceptable excuse any longer to drive impaired and if you do you risk your life and future.  If you think we are being alarmist, then go to the “current news” button our website and see the punishments drunk drivers are now getting across the  nation.  


Concerned Angels does not want to see you arrested or sent to prison for murdering an innocent person. Nor do want to see you injure yourself.


Our vision and we will obtain it, is for less people to be arrested because fewer people risk driving impaired because Angel Eyes are on the lookout for them and they know it is highly likely they will be caught. Concerned Angels wants less people to go to jail and prison and lose their jobs. And our bottom line is for less children and adults being killed and  injured because of drunk driving crashes.


So If you like to drink and that is your right as long as you do not risk harming others or yourself. But it is our right to stop drunk drivers and we will. So please do the right thing and help protect public safety in your community by either being the designated driver or if you are by yourself,  you be your own designated driver or make other plans to get home.  

Angel Eyes Are Watching You

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