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Sandy Golden





Sandy Golden is an award winning investigative reporter, author and anti-drunk driving activist. He was the first (volunteer and unpaid) executive director of MADD and did its original strategy. When he left MADD, he worked with many national organizations, but mainly with the Christian community and he is given credit for turning the nation around on the drunk driving issue.


He is a charismatic public speaker and original out of the box thinker. His personal devotion to this issue and his leadership has already saved hundreds of thousands of families from disaster and is projected to save millions. He wrote How To Save Lives And Prevent Injuries, a hand book for action, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation and sent free to 17,000 libraries across the nation (link to press release). His second book Driving the Drunk Off the Road is now out of print but was used by many to save lives in their communities. (Link To Book)


His original strategies have proven to be mass lifesaving. He is leading a team to finish the job of getting drunk drivers off the road. The Concerned Angel's team has worked out a strategy that will accomplish their mission. He receives no salary for his role as full time CEO of Concerned Angels. He has a Master Captain’s license and lives on a sailboat on an island in San Diego with his wife, Marianne, who is a retired emergency nurse of 40 years. They operate a part time sailboat chartering business on their boat "Sweet Angel."

Leaders of Concerned Angels, Inc. state: It’s important that we get the drunk driving and underaged drinking pandemics under control because children are losing parents… parents are losing their children… friends are losing friends… grandparents are losing family members… These tragedies are tearing apart the very fabric of this nation, and these deaths are preventable. We are building the team to fix this problem and save lives. That’s what Concerned Angels is all about.

Team Leader

Our Team

Ed Mugg


Ed Mugg is a vice president and is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Concerned Angels Inc. He has had a life long interest in the alcohol abuse problem and has close friends who were killed or injured in alcohol related crashes.  He has a passion for solving this problem and has the skills and ability to take Concerned Angels forward using technology and his past business management experience.


Ed  is a Co-Founder of CoVideo, Inc. one of the world’s largest video email companies. Over the years,  Ed worked with Ingersall Rand, Westinghouse, General Motors, General Electric, Rubbermaid, Mack Truck, and many more. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, he has launched more than 20 companies over his career. In 2006 he was inspired by his son, Brad, to start a business specializing in video on the Internet. And today all his energy is focused  on improving the strategy and achieving the lifesaving goals for Concerned Angels.


In his youth he was the co-captain of his high school football team and was the MVP on his schools basketball team. During his career he has been a leader and President of his local Optimist Club.  Today, he is still athletic and an avid sailor.


Michael Raye


Composer, Producer, Singer, Piano/Keybords, Arranger,

Singer, Actor

Michael Raye's impressive debut began at age seven with his

first piano recital. At fourteen, he played cello at Carnegie Hall with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of New York. Composition in his early teen years soon followed. Michael graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in music and

continued his education in advanced music composition at Indiana University. In 2016, he went back to school and after taking 19 classes completed a MM in Scoring for Film and Multi-Media from NYU with 19 A’s. As a musical director and

conductor he has worked with such artists as: Gloria Gaynor, Suzette Charles, Bessye Scott, Keith David, and Little Anthony and the Imperials.


As a musician, he has toured extensively both nationally and internationally with an impressive array of artists including: Daryl Hall, Will Downing, Michael Bolton, Tom Browne, Deniece Williams, Phyllis Hyman and Gloria Gaynor. He has recorded with Richie Havens, John Blake and Will Downing among others.


Michael has performed on Broadway in 'Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk' and 'It's So Nice to be Civilized.' He has composed for film and television, including the 1992 Sundance film festival grand prize winner“ Just another girl on the IRT” as well as industrials and corporate exhibits in the United States, Europe and Canada. Michael has been the recipient of several grants and has been commissioned by several Modern and Ballet Dance companies for his original compositions. These companies include: David Parsons Dance Company, National Ballet of Canada, Ballet Met, Michael Mao, and Carolyn Dorfman.


As a solo artist, he has recorded, arranged, produced and released two singles on Menu Records entitled 'No Love Intended' and 'Black and White.' His debut CD 'Due Lights' was released on his own label HotLance Records and his most recent CD 'Mystic Gypsies' was released on SoulRaye Records, both at


Television performances have included: Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Friday Night Videos, Good Morning America, CBS Good Day America, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. For ABC Television, he acted in the movie 'Double Platinum' starring Diana Ross and Brandy.


While living in Playa del Carmen Mexico, he reinvented himself and started to create extravaganza shows for some of the larger hotels that included 8 dancers, 4 aerialist, 4 musicians, and 5 singers. He conceived the shows and rehearsed the musicians and singers and oversaw overall production.


Michael was honored with an award from the spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy entitled 'Lifting the world with a oneness heart' for his song 'Beyond the Realm of Time.'

For more information on Michael Raye please log on to

 David Silver M.D.


Dr. David Silver is the Chief Medical Officer, CMO, and a Vice President of Concerned Angels Inc. He recently retired after practicing medicine for 41 years. 


Dr. Silver is a prominent world class cardiac thoracic surgeon and has done more than 3000 open heart surgeries holding each heart in his gifted hands.  His extensive educational background includes being a graduate of Harvard College, the Wayne State University of Medicine and doing his surgical training at the University of Alabama Medical School. 


Among his many accomplishments are that this lifesaving physician started the highly acclaimed open heart surgery program at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in Wyoming. His leadership earned his program three stars, the highest number possible in a worldwide evaluation of his speciality by the Society of Thoracic Surgery and he was recognized by money magazine in 2004 for having one of the top valve replacement centers in the  country.

He is responsible for coming up with the innovative new strategy needed to address the revolving door problems with treatment and rehabilitation programs that are now being pursued by Concerned Angels. 


In his spare time he is an avid sailor, musician who plays the violin, an eagle scout, was a division one springboard and power diver, as well as a varsity diver at Harvard.  He was an athlete who loved to play hockey.



Marianne Golden RN


Marianne Golden  RN, BSN, CEN is Concerned Angels Chief Nursing Officer, CNO. She retired after 40 years of being an emergency nurse. 


When she retired she was the manager at St. Joseph's Hospital of the Children and Adult Emergency Department which was the second largest ER in  Southern CA. Her unit treated over120,000 emergency cases a year in a 65 bed facility.  She had a staff of 190 nurses, technicians and support staff . 


In her spare time she became Federally Certified to teach child passenger safety and install children’s car seats. She was one of a few instructions in the state qualified to teach Federal safety technicians child passenger safety for special needs children and was able to property fit sugericaly separated conjoined twins so they could be safely transported in a vehicle when no one else could.


She  was a volunteer and co-managed with her husband Sandy a $1,000,000 grant from the Children and Family commission and helped distribute, install and teach mostly low income parents of 15,000 children how to keep them legal and safe. 

She helped mastermind and develop a "Safe Baby Act" to address the critical problem of child restraints being misused and installed improperly. Getting this legislation enacted is a goal of Concerned Angels.


She has two children and two grandchildren.  


Molly Axline


Molly Axline says "The loss of a child is the worst tragedy that can happen to a parent or grandparent." 

In 1987, her only child, Brenda Axline, age 18 and her best friend Tracy Johnson, age 17, were killed by a 4 time repeat DUI offender going the wrong way on I-10 near Tucson, Arizona.  The drunk driver served a 21 year prison sentence.  He never showed the family remorse during or after the 4-day murder trial.  He blamed the alcohol industry for what happened.  He said "Alcohol killed them."

Molly was born in Springfield, Illinois.  She went to several schools as her dad was an Air Force pilot.  After flying in two wars, he flew commercial for Trans World Airlines. Molly attended Eastern Arizona Junior College and Arizona State University.

She is an experienced activist and leader. She met with then President George Bush at the White House, along with other anti-drunk driving activists asking him to take firmer initiatives to stop the highway carnage. The meeting was set up by the Campaign Against Drunk Driving (which has been renamed "Concerned Angels"), which was led by Investigative Reporter Sandy Golden.


She was a legal secretary until she retired.  She is committed to helping Concerned Angels save lives and reduce injuries that stem from alcohol related crashes.

Video Link Below:

Nov. 26, 2020, KOLD 10 p.m. Newscast - Molly's Daughter


Marty Melin


Marty Melin

Marty was raised, with her two sisters and two brothers, “all over this country,” because her father was a pilot in the Air Force during World War II and, then, a captain for Trans World Airlines.  She doesn’t remember all the elementary schools she attended but became a voracious reader the moment she was introduced to Dick and Jane and their dog, Spot.


When her own children were in college, Marty took a junior college course in creative writing.  With her first assignment, she tested out of the class and has been using her talents in English and writing ever since. 


Throughout her working career, Marty has shared her gift in situations ranging from the purchasing and electronic equipment engineering departments at Motorola, a children’s fine arts museum in Arizona and, most recently, with one of the top three insurance companies in the country from which she retired in 1995.


While living in Texas and as a member of a club of aspiring and published authors, and because of her skill with the written word, she was asked to edit two books:  the first was written by one of the club’s authors; the second was a combined effort of all the club members, a volume which totaled 289 pages.


She has two children and four grandchildren.

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