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                                                    Molly Axline says "the loss of a child is the worst tragedy that can happen                                                      to a parent." 

                                                    In 1987, her only child, Brenda Axline, age 18 and her best friend                                                                        Tracy Johnson, age 17, were killed by a 4 time repeat DUI offender going the                                                      wrong way on I-10 near Tucson, Arizona.  The drunk driver served a 21 year                                                        prison sentence.  He never showed the family remorse during or after the 4-                                                        day murder trial.  He blamed the alcohol industry for what happened.  He                                                            said "Alcohol killed them."

                                                    Molly was born in Springfield, Illinois.  She went to several schools as her                                                            dad was an Air Force pilot.  After flying in two wars, he flew commercial for                                                          Trans World Airlines. Molly attended Eastern Arizona Junior College and                                                              Arizona State University.

She is an experienced activist and leader. She met with then President George Bush at the White House, along with other anti-drunk driving activists asking him to take firmer initiatives to stop the highway carnage. The meeting was set up by the Campaign Against Drunk Driving (which has been renamed "Concerned Angels"), which was led by Investigative Reporter Sandy Golden.


She was a legal secretary until she retired.  She is committed to helping Concerned Angels save lives and reduce injuries that stem from alcohol related crashes.


Molly Axline


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