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Safe Baby Act


A Lifesaving New Law Developed by Concerned Angels Inc.



What is the Safe Baby Act?


It is a proposed law Concerned Angels is developing that requires  all newborns and

children under the age of  eight years of age, or who are under certain height and

weight parameters only be transported in vehicles under the supervision of a person

who has demonstrated  by  passing an online or in person course and written test and

in some cases in person skills testing an understanding and ability to correctly install

and use child restraints and boosters.  


To legally transport a child one person in the vehicle must have obtained a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) issued “Child Passenger Safety” endorsement on their state driver’s license or a certificate of compliance (if they do not drive). To qualify for the endorsement or certificate one would have to take a short professionally produced  comprehensive internet education course, pass an online test, pay a  small fee and then if they fail the online test go to a certified child safety technician for a hands on learning demonstration and to show  that they have the skill  and knowledge needed to correctly install their child restraint or booster.  


This new law is in addition to existing state laws that mandate use of child restraints and booster seats.  It would become illegal to transport children without the required endorsement or certificate.


In order to transport a child who comes under the requirements of the Baby Safe Act someone in the vehicle (the driver or a passenger) would have to have a “Child Passenger Safety” endorsement on their driver’s license or state issued identification, or a compliance certificate.  Failure to have the endorsement would subject the adult responsible for the child and or the vehicle driver to effective fines and points on their license and a requirement to obtain the endorsement under threat of loss of license privileges.  Failure by someone who has the endorsement to properly use child restraints would subject the endorsee to effective penalties and fines and a requirement to take and pass an in person child safety course at an approved facility.


Once this law is passed, a method to gradually implement the endorsement requirement would have to be established to not overwhelm the system as it is built.


The concept:  When a person wants to drive a motorcycle, they are required to learn the rules and regulations for safe operation, pass a written test administered by the DMV and then pass a short skills test. After successful completion of the requirements to obtain the “endorsement” for motorcycle operation they pay a small fee.  It makes sense to ensure that all children are only transported in a vehicle in an approved safe manner and that those responsible for the care and safety of a child knows what they are doing.  Since children are not capable of making safety determinations and if injured often become an expense for taxpayers, requiring their safe transport is logical and moral.  Unfortunately, all efforts to date to protect children in vehicles from crash trauma have fallen far short of what is possible because the majority of car seats and boosters are either incorrectly or dangerously installed or the child is not placed in them correctly.  


Our proposed law would  absolutely save the lives of many children and prevent injuries. 


What is the cost to taxpayers of this law?

The law would cost tax payers nothing as it is designed to be self funding..


Who would enforce the law?  

Law Enforcement officers.


Who would get the fees paid by each person obtaining an endorsement?

The suggested fee would be about $25.  100 percent of the fees less a small management cost to be established for operating the on line system would go to:


  1. Law Enforcement earmarked for selective enforcement of child passenger safety laws.

  2. To pay for training of Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians 

  3. To pay for equipment Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians need such as child restraints for indigent families, supplies for car seat events, etc.

  4. To administer and pay the costs associated with the issuance of endorsements


Who would develop and administer the website for education and issuance of the endorsements?  Initially Concerned Angels Inc. would set up and establish the on line course on a child passenger safety  website.


What would the website do:


The law would require that those seeking a child passenger safety endorsement to sign up and then log onto the proposed website.  There they would get point by point education coupled with video and audio clips as well as still pictures on child passenger safety. They would learn how to correctly install and inspect a child restraint or booster and how to correctly place a child in the devices as well as general safety information about transporting children (such as not to have loose objects in the vehicle passenger compartment).


To demonstrate that they “get” the knowledge presented they would take an online interactive test (multiple choice). Once they pass they would be required to obtain an appointment with a certified child passenger safety technician to demonstrate they actually do know how to place  and install and use their child restraint properly.


Who would pay for the set up and maintenance of the website.

A primary corporate sponsor would be obtained as well as a small number of additional sponsors who want to reach the web site audience with product information and advertising .


Would the fees generated by online advertising and promotion interfere with the mission of the website:


No and the reason is that once the fee is paid for the endorsement each endorsee would have the opportunity to OPP OUT of getting coupons for free and reduced price goods and services most people need for their children. It is proposed that free goods and service and product discount coupons far exceed the cost of the endorsement.


For Example: if the cost of the endorsement if $25 and the person gets coupons worth $150 for goods, services and discounts of truly needed items than that is “no brainer” good deal.


Has this been done before?

In effect yes,  Change of Address packets available at U.S. Post Offices include coupons for discounts for commercial products. The coupons help offset the expense of doing the packets.


How much money is available from this type of advertising effort.

It would have to be determined, but the short answer is it is a lot. Enough  to pay for creation and maintenance of the website with the majority left over to  be turned over trustworthy child oriented non profits. Their job would be to help get laws enacted and than to help audit and watch the issue to keep it on track.


Concerned Angels would by contract expect to receive a small percentage (perhaps 5 percent) of revenue generated to pay for continued consultation on this issue. We would put a cap on what Concerned Angels would get to prevent a large windfall. The cap would probably be around $200,000 annually.


Who would pull this entire effort together?

Concerned Angels would put together a team to get the needed laws introduced and passed and to also consult on building and maintaining the entire system.


Next Steps:

Get law introduced

Obtain Partners

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