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Volunteer Skills We Seek


We are looking for more Concerned Angels.

Help Us Save Lives and Reduce Injuries Caused by Drunk Drivers.

Our organization works to save lives and reduce injuries that stem form  drunk and impaired driving.  We are not opposed to the use of alcohol as long as it does not threaten or affect the lives of others. Concerned Angels has a verifiable track record of mass life saving and injury prevention.  But the job is not finished. Drunk driving remains totally out of control in every community in America. Your volunteer help is needed to absolutely save and protect the lives of our children, family and friends.


We have no connection to any aspect of the alcohol industry and have no conflicts of interest.  We will not play politics with peoples lives.  We will do what is needed to bring drunk driving under firm and lasting control. You help is needed and will help make the difference needed.

Please note that everyone in Concerned Angels from the CEO/President, and COO on down are all volunteers. No one in this organization is paid and we do no fundraising.  But we do save lives. So can you.


Every day in America 27 people are killed in alcohol related crashes. Drunk driving costs in the United States exceed $132 Billion a year.

Sign up today and become part of a movement of millions of everyday Americans fighting to protect their families.

Everyone has an important role to play.  We only want fair minded people. 


We especially seek the following skills:

  • Editors 

  • Writers

  • Lobbying

  • Social Media

  • Researchers

  • Accountants

  • Proof Readers

  • Fact Checkers

  • Project Leaders

  • Public Relations

  • Public Speaking

  • Victim Assistance

  • Community Organizing

  •  Current News Research

  • Victim and Concerned Citizen Organizing

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