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Currently drunk drivers, many of whom are addicted, often go through treatment and rehabilitation numerous times without success providing a financial windfall for treatment providers who get paid over and over. Our current system is expensive and does not work.


Forcing drunk drivers to go to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings also is questionable and for many a waste of time and allows public safety to be threatened.


​The treatment and rehabilitation  methods used in the United States needs to be thoroughly overhauled and evidence based standards and best management practices  established  for judges and probation departments to use.  


Thus Concerned Angels will be gathering the best minds in the world to develop the standards needed to both protect public safety and to give those with a drinking problem the help they deserve to become sober.


Convicted drunk drivers deserve effective treatment and rehabilitation without regard for ability to pay for it. Funding must be paid for by the alcohol industry as it is their fault this problem exists.

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