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Angel Eyes App Web Site Version

Please Read First


You have been invited to use this Angel Eyes App by a victim of a drunk driver or a survivor who has lost a loved one or friend, or  who has been seriously injured in an alcohol related or impaired driving crash.  They  have asked for and need your help to keep what happened to them from happening to others.


We don’t need much of your time, just a few minutes and you will make a much needed difference.


This is not a fundraising ploy. It does not take money to fight for drunk driving reform, just the knowledge of what needs to be done and the tools to accomplish the mission. 


Angel Eyes App is the primary needed tool and the Concerned Angels Website will give you the needed knowledge.


There is no cost to use this web version of the Angel Eyes  App (being developed)  or our website and nothing to buy and your information will be kept private and you will never be asked for a donation. It is a gift from “Angels” to protect your children, your life and the lives of those you love and care about. We will not waste your time, or give you false hope, we promise.  We will by working together actually significantly lower the number of innocent people being murdered  and injured by drunk drivers.


The purpose of The Angel Eyes App is to gather an Army of Angels who will educate and if necessary put political pressure on local elected officials to get them to effectively and forcefully address the drunk and impaired driving problem at the local community level with a strategy that will work and at the same time not take much of your time.


It will work because every Angel’s vote matters and our local elected officials  can’t afford not to listen to reason and be fair minded when it comes to public safety. And if they don’t they do not deserve to be in office or advance to higher elected offices. The Angel Eyes App will send that message loud and clear in a way that can’t be ignored or blocked by “Big Alcohol.”  But let us be clear we are not opposed to the legal use of alcohol, only the irresponsible and misuse of it especially when drinking threatens public safety.  Everyone should be able to agree with the concept.


Concerned Angel’s goal is to save lives and prevent injuries  to the greatest extent humanly possible.  There must be no excuse to allow drunk driving deaths and injuries to continue harming and destroying our families and friends lives any longer.  The knowledge to bring drunk driving under firm and lasting control exists and must be used, No excuses accepted.  What is done currently is not only not enough but can’t accomplish the goal because what is being done is incomplete and ignors the most important part of the problem.  The failure of the alcohol industry to act responsibly and pay for the damage they are causing.  Tax payers and victims and survivors should not have to pay for what the industry should be paying.


Currently drunk driving is addressed with a piecemeal approach which is inadequate, when only a comprehensive total systems approach based upon a Code of Evidence Based Standards and Best Management Practices coupled with good old common sense will work to get the job done.


Full information and explanation is available  elsewhere on our website located at:







So please get started by filing out this form using the code your were given. We promise this will not take much of your time.

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