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Angel Dare 

A 10 Day Challenge

Now that that is done we now challenge you to stop drinking ANY ALCOHOL for 10 days starting now.  If you can do this you will find that, most likely, you have the ability to stop drinking alcohol and you can make your life better starting today.  The Angel Dare is to help you and save lives - maybe your own.  Once completed you can ask and challange your friends to follow your example. Many people just want a reason to stop drinking but have no incentive to stop.  Have them take the survey and just maybe they will be able to remove the risk that alcohol presents.
If you are willing to accept The Challenge then please click on the link below and let us know that you are committed to stop drinking for 10 days and notice how much better you feel as a result.  Not to mention how much money you will save.  Then compute the money you saved and give it to Childrens National.

Thank you for completing the survey. 

Not Convinced Yet

Click Here and Read This Or Go Ahead and Accept the Challange below:

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