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Vernon Waldron

Victim Advocate


Vernon Waldron is Concerned Angels Victim Advocate. Twenty years ago Vernon's 10 year old daughter Autumn died in his arms three hours after a repeat offender drunk driver going the wrong way on a Maryland highway crashed into his family car. Waldron’s 17 year old daughter Thera died at the scene. His wife Christine was severely brain damaged and her life was horribly altered forever beyond repair. His wife had been driving his oldest daughter home from college and it became and still is the worst drunk driving crash in the history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They were totally innocent. And in a matter of seconds without warning his family’s future was destroyed. 

Vernon has since devoted his life to fighting for drunk driving reform. He says "I promised my daughters I’d do everything I could to end drunk driving and the terrible legacy it leaves." To that end, Vernon, as part of the Concerned Angel's Team, had personally met with Jeb Bush, when he was governor of Florida to push for underage drinking reform, and with our team met in Washington D.C. and helped brief the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, to address the problem of underage drinking and drunk driving. When that met with no success he continued his efforts working with us to save lives. He became a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, setting up programs, installing child restraints, and trained parents how to keep their children safe.

He is a organizer, motivational public speaker and knows how to help victims with his compassion and knowledge of the issue. He has been connected with Concerned Angel's since 1999.  His only agenda is to help save lives, It is a tragedy Vernon lives with everyday. It is not something a loving father can get over.

He is a true victim’s advocate. He tried to permanently establish a non-profit devoted to keeping the memory of loved ones killed by drunk drivers alive called We Remember, Inc. Mostly funded out of his pocket, it ran out of money. He tells anyone who will listen that “Drunk Drivers Steal Our Future.” He has written a book about his tragedy titled What Happened, I made a promise (link to car cash picture and news article).

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