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Sandy Golden


Who Is Sandy Golden?

"There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.”


The above quote is from a sign that was located on his Oval Office desk in the White House when Ronald Reagan was our President. 


This important concept was given to Sandy at the White House by a top aide to President Reagan. He was also advised not to "toot his own horn." Concepts Sandy followed for decades. And they did turn out to be true.  Sandy conceived the idea for a Presidential Commission on drunk driving to bring the best minds in the county together to develop a strategy to save lives and reduce injuries that were caused by drunk drivers. He lobbied and fought to make it a reality. On April 14, 1982 at a Rose Garden Ceremony President Reagan announced to the nation the formation of the Commission. It was a major success for Sandy’s leadership . And it proved to be mass life saving. He accomplished an incredible public service that saved many lives and prevented many injuries while others, mainly MADD, took credit for his original ideas and aggressive leadership. After taking more than a decade long break from his “anti-drunk driving crusade" in 2015 his son and grandson were injured and almost killed in a drunk driving crash caused by an underage drinking driver. One of his passengers was killed. It was an eye opening message from God for Sandy and followed a "Miracle" you can read about on this web site. Sandy returned to the battlefield once again to finish the work he started in 1980.


But now Sandy must surface so the public will know who he is, what he has done and what he stands for and why, and his strategy and leadership that will bring drunk and impaired driving under firm and lasting control. So that victims and concerned citizens may judge for themselves the comprehensive strategy put forth by Concerned Angels. Many took credit for Sandy’s original ideas and strategy, but he has proven to be the one who knows what to do and how to do it to effectively address the drunk driving problem that is destroying American Families. Sandy’s work has saved many lives and prevented many injuries and now he has come back to finish the job of getting drunk driving brought under control.

Introducing Sandy Golden


Sandy Golden is an award winning investigative reporter and author.  He is a master strategist on the drunk driving issue and advocate for alcohol free youth. His two books on drunk driving control have received national acclaim.


He currently is the volunteer CEO and President of Concerned Angels, an organization he co-founded in 1997.    


His work has been sponsored by the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Dependency (ICPA) which is a  non-governmental member of both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (U.N.)


“Reporter Golden is the most knowledgable journalist in the Nation on the subject of drunk driving and has been America’s most effective strategist in achieving public and private action against drunk driving,” so  was stated in a letter to President Reagan from the Montgomery Council President when he was able  to reduce deaths by 75% over a two year period.  “His extraordinary contribution to the cause of highway safety” was  recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the first, now annual, National Lifesavers Conference. It was the only award given out at the Inaugural conference. 

Golden became “possibly the world’s leading authority” on drunk driving, according to the publication Adolescent Medicine. He was given credit and won awards for inspiring the establish of anti-drunk driving groups across the nation.  After he started his “Crusade” against drunk driving he was one of the three original leaders of MADD, but left before the organization was corrupted  and the other two co-leaders sold out and became paid lobbyists promoting alcohol industry interests. Golden has never sold out and after 37 years has figured out with his team exactly how to bring drunk driving under lifesaving control.

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