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Angel Team One TM

ANGEL TEAM ONE™ is a carefully chosen and recruited elite team of active duty  military and veterans, highly motivated alcohol crash victims and survivors, civilians and first responders with the right mix of proven or potential leadership and skills who are charged with protecting children and families from the harm and the risks of alcohol impaired driving, underage and binge drinking.  The team is active now and has been formed to develop into “mass lifesavers” and achieve the goals of Concerned Angels as rapidly as possible. They work on, critique and improve the strategy developed by Concerned Angels Inc. Team members work directly with CEO Sandy Golden, and are available for him to consult with when needed. This team has Pentagon and White House access at the Joint Chiefs of Staff and White House Chief of Staff level, and military and civilian support when needed. Concerned Angels and Angel Team One™ does not solicit or accept donations or grants, thus no conflicts of interest.  Membership is by invitation only and is open without regard to religion, race, sexual or gender orientation.


If you would like to be considered to be a member of ANGEL TEAM ONE™ please fill out and submit a volunteer form. Click on the button below.

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