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Require a comprehensive budget be established to control and prevent drunk driving in every community to include what law enforcement needs, the courts need and prosecutors and probation need.


Determine the financial harm alcohol causes in the community and require by legislation that those who sell and serve alcohol pay their prorated share for the resulting damages to local government and not allow them to pass the increased cost of doing business to their customers.


State Legislation


A state legislator who is convicted of drunk driving shall be removed from office immediately. While appeals are pending, he or she shall be suspended from their duties.

Establish a license to drink and required education to obtain one.

Overhaul Dram shop laws.


Legislators and elected officials must be prohibited from accepting campaign contributions from manufactures, distributors, and those who sell, serve or promote alcohol. Until such legislation is passed prohibiting such campaign contributions elected officials and those running for office must fully disclose such contributions if they accept them and they must recuse themselves from legislation concerning drunk and impaired driving.


Prohibit Beer Caucus being formed by legislators. It's an insult to the victims of drunk driving.  

Mandate server training, and licensing and fines and jail for violators.


Legislation enacted to require that when Loaning a car, the owner or responsible person needs to check for valid license.

Enact our Safe Baby Act.


Local Ordinances

An elected official at the local level who is convicted of drunk driving shall be removed from office immediately.  While appeals are pending, he or she shell be suspended from their duties.

Adopt the Code of Standards in each community.  


Require posters in car rental places or signs that strict anti drunk driving enforcement is conducted in this jurisdiction


There should a license to drink.

Wedding and party bartenders must be licensed and trained in responsible serving practices. They must be prohibited from over serving people.  There must be consequences such as loss of license, fines, and jail if they overserve and loss innocent life and/or injuries occur.

Require that when arrested, law enforcement mug shots of the accused drunk drivers and brief information be published online on a public website.  Convictions, the punishment and all conditions associated with the conviction be fully disclosed including the name of the judge. All alcohol related crashes must also be reported on the website. Convicted Drunk drivers should be identified with their home addresses so that people can watch out for them.

Require that alcohol content clearly be posted on menu like we post calories.  The alcohol content in Craft Beer  often more than a can of Budweiser and people don't realize that.  

Adopt a Social Host law that pertains to the serving of adults.



Mandated National Driver Registry participation.


DMV required to notify insurance company when a drunk driver's license is suspended or revoked.

Require that a convicted drunk driver's license be returned to DMV, voided, and a new one issued when allowed, clearly stating that the a drunk driving conviction has occurred.


Require for a significant Increase in insurance when a drunk driver's license is reinstated.


Forbid drunk drivers to obtain or renew vehicle license tags while their driver's license is revoked or suspended.


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